Christopher J. Arellano, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Health and Human Performance
University of Houston

Curriculum vitae (pdf)

Shernice A. Thomas

HHP PhD Student

I have a broad interest in human locomotion and finding ways of applying biomechanical and physiological concepts to improve human performance in the context of sport and exercise. In addition to earning a B.S. in Kinesiology – Exercise Science (Cum Laude) with a Health Professions concentration at the University of Houston (UH), I have a professional background in coaching and conducting various human performance and fitness evaluations. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Kinesiology with an emphasis in motor behavior. My research will focus on ascertaining ways to effectively evaluate and predict running performance in healthy adults with the aim of optimizing running economy and techniques.

Daisey Vega

HHP PhD Student

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests: locomotion biomechanics, energetics, rehabilitation & muscle-tendon function

Bola Adeyeri

HHP Undergraduate

I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in Kinesiology and minoring in Medicine & Society at the University of Houston. I have a broad interest in the biomechanics and energetics of human movement and their clinical applications. As a research assistant, I assist with on-going projects in the lab. My current research consists of examining steady-rate metabolism and determining the minimum time necessary to calculate the net cost of transport for human walking. I plan on pursuing a career in medicine, specifically Orthopedic Surgery. My goal is to gain knowledge of fundamental biomechanical principles that will aid my understanding of injuries and treatments in the future. I also mentor refugee students in Houston and serve on the Dean of Students Leadership Council on campus.

Hobbies: Volunteering, reading, and exercising