Daniel P. O'Connor, PhD

Associate Professor, Measurement & Evaluation

Department of Health and Human Performance


Interim Director

Texas Obesity Research Center


University of Houston

3855 Holman St, Garrison Rm 104

Houston, TX 77204-6015





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I am always seeking talented and academically qualified students who wish to pursue the PhD in Kinesiology in the Department of Health and Human Performance (HHP) at the University of Houston.

Paid Research Assistantships are available.*

        I am currently the principal investigator of a four-year CDC demonstration project evaluating outcomes of a national, multisite childhood obesity project.

        I also work as an investigator on research projects funded by NIH, NASA, NIDRR, and the Joe W. King Orthopedic Institute.

        My students are actively involved in these projects, interacting with a wide variety of investigators from the University of Houston and many institutions across the United States.

        The graduate application and more about the HHP graduate programs can be found at http://hhp.uh.edu/grad/.

*Students whom I advise have priority for assistantships, but other HHP graduate students are eligible.


Research Focus and Interests

        Methodology: Evaluating and explaining individual variation in health outcomes and health-related quality of life.

        Evaluating the effectiveness of health-related interventions, particularly clinical interventions.

        Contextual effects: how characteristics of the person, social and physical environments, and systems interact to affect health.

        Applying statistical models to health data, including generalized, multilevel, longitudinal, and latent variable models.

        Obesity, child obesity, physical activity, exercise, orthopedic surgery, health and wellness, quality of life.

What I do, described in "Up-Goer Five" terms:

I study why different people respond in different ways to things that happen in their lives, so I can understand how to help people become and stay fit, happy, and well. I also help doctors study how to help people who have been sick or hurt.


Active Externally Funded Research

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

        Principal Investigator: Best Evaluation Tools and Techniques for Effective Recommedations for Policies (BETTER Policies): ACA Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration Evaluation Center (Component B), October 2011 - September 2015.

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

        Consultant: Training Interventions and Genetic Exercise Response (TIGER) study (NIDDK), June 2010 - May 2015. (Principal Investigator Molly Bray)

National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitaion Research (U.S. Department of Education)

        Co-Investigator: Development of a Virtual Reality Weight Management Intervention for Mobility Impaired Women (GoWoman). November 2012 to October 2015. (Principal Investigator Margaret Nosek)

Joe W. King Orthopedic Institute

        Principal Investigator: Clinical and Translational Methods and Outcomes in Orthopedic Surgery, December 2011 - November 2014.  


Courses Taught

    PEP 6305 Measurement in Health and Exercise Science

    PEP 7397 Applied Regression Models for Health Research

    PEP 8306 Principles of Scientific Inquiry

    PEP 8304 Doctoral Seminar

    PEP 8323 Proposal Writing for the Health Professions